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In fact, one of the most unique aspects of our beef cattle operation is that you, as a Tennessee Guest Ranch Beef Cattle customer can come on out to the ranch and experience our old fashioned beef cattle operation first hand for yourself…by horseback.  That’s right.  Book a Guest Ranch stay at the Tennessee Guest Ranch and each member of your family will receive one of our wonderful Guest Ranch Horses for the duration of your stay!

A visit to the ranch means we’ll take you back to the days when cattle were worked by cowboys; a time when grazing meant that the cattle roamed acres of naturally rich, well managed grazing land instead of standing in a cramped feed lot with hundreds of other cows shipped in from all over the country; a time when cattle ate only God’s natural grasses instead of being fed massive amounts of highly processed and manufactured cattle feeds, including ground up animal parts and other special additives in order to be fattened for slaughter at record growth levels; a time when cattle were not vaccinated with dozens of different inoculations for diseases not even known to that area.

How the Tennessee Guest Ranch Beef Cattle Program Works:


Tennessee Guest Ranch ‘Beef Cattle Customers’ will actually be purchasing a live Beef Cattle, organically raised and grown on the ranch until it’s natural maturity.  Upon maturity for optimum beef quality, your Beef Cattle will be sent to a USDA Meat Processing Facility where it will be processed according to your custom specifications.

One way for customers to participate in the Tennessee Guest Ranch Organic Beef Program is to put a deposit on a calf at time of weaning from it’s mother, which is between six and nine months old.  Those purchasing a ½ of a live calf will be matched up with another family interested in doing the same thing, in the order in which the deposits are placed.    The weaned calf is raised on the ranch until optimum maturity which is anywhere between eighteen to twenty-two months old, depending on the animal.  Therefore, from the time a customer places a deposit on a calf, the customer will wait approximately 18 to 24 months for the calf to be raised, prior to receiving his actual beef for the freezer.  The customer pays the balance on his beef cattle at time of maturity prior to the cattle heading to the processing facility.

When the calf ‘naturally’ reaches his optimum size and condition for slaughter (also known as ‘processing’), which is approximately 18 to 24 months later, he will be transported live to the USDA meat processing facility.  The customer will have options on the types of beef cuts he/she would like out of his cattle.  The USDA processing facility will process and package your beef to the specified types of cuts you custom order.  Your beef and the entire processing will be inspected by USDA.  The beef is then vacuum packed, sealed and flash frozen for the ultimate in freshness.  You can pick up your beef directly from the USDA meet processing facility (while enjoying an educational afternoon in Chattanooga or while vacationing at the ranch).   Customers can also choose to have their beef shipped directly to their  home for an additional charge. Either way…when the meat arrives at your home you will keep it in a freezer until ready for use.

$$ BIG SAVINGS on Grass Fed Beef: The whole program will save you hundreds of dollars on your organic beef if you currently purchase ‘organic beef’ by the pound from your grocery store, health food market, or online internet orders.

If you have not switched to organic beef due to the per pound cost of organic grass fed beef, such as $6 to $8 per pound on hamburger meat, $17 to 25 per pound on steaks, etc. this program will make it affordable because your beef, whether it’s Filet Mignon, T-bones, New York Strips, etc. will ALL work out to be approx. the same as organic hamburger…approximately $5 per pound.

For detail information and complete pricing please email the Tennessee Guest Ranch from our Contact Us page and request info on our organic beef program.

Speaking of calves and cattle, here’s a little food for thought!:

Better a meal of vegetables where there is love, than a fattened calf with hatred. Proverbs 15:17

Did you know?…Solomon’s daily provisions were thirty cores of fine flour and sixty cores of meal, ten head of stall-fed cattle, twenty head of pasture-fed cattle, and a hundred sheep and goats as well as deer, gazelles, roebucks and choice fowl. 1 Kings 4:22

      Chris & Tammy Young

A Tennessee Guest Ranch


  Sequatchie Valley Ranch beef customers are interested in feeding their families only the finest quality grass fed beef available with no growth hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics, and no pesticides.